Fadri Horber

bio-fadriFadri has been a valued team member and intern architect with GRS Architecture since 2013. He has a diploma of collegial studies in Architectural Technology (Vanier Cegep 2013). In 2018, Fadri took a sabbatical to attend university in Europe. In 2019, he obtained a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Architectural Institute in Prague, Czech Republic and then returned to Montreal to rejoin the GRS team. In addition to being fluent in English and French, Fadri also speaks German, Romanche, and a bit of Vietnamese.

Mr. Horber has a solid background in architectural technology. His responsibilities at GRS include the following:

  • site surveys and as-built drawings
  • detailing and technical drawings
  • rendering and 3D modelling
  • design & design development
  • tender and construction coordination
  • client assistance