2100 Reverchon

In 2017, Aeroterm approached us with a two-fold design challenge: to convert an existing building from single to multiple-tenant occupancy and to plan, design and supervise the construction of their new Canadian headquarter offices.

To transform the building to multi-tenant usage, we created a new entrance on the north face, installed a new elevator and a main staircase separated from the new lobby by a full height, fire-resistant glass partition. A large opening was cut into the middle of the building to create an internal atrium with a new circulation corridor configured around the central light well.

The new Areoterm offices surround the central atrium and share its natural light through large glass partitions. The wall between the principle conference room and the circulation corridor is fitted with electro-chromic glass which changes from transparent to opalescent with the flip of a switch. Open work areas are adjacent to the exterior windows and acoustically controlled with suspended, linear panels. Private offices have generous glazing onto the open plan areas and are generally kept away from the perimeter windows. Priority is given to collaborative spaces, meeting areas and the café/lounge.