Air Canada

Dorval (YUL), Mirabel, Ottawa

Air Canada has been a key client since the founding of GRS Architecture. During the period between 1995 and 2010, GRS assisted with over 50 projects at Air Canada’s Dorval base, at the terminal & administration buildings of Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport (YUL), at the YUL Cargo Village, at Mirabel Airport, and at Air Canada’s offsite office facilities.

Air Canada Story

Air Canada Projects

Air Canada Cargo North

Located across the tarmac from Montreal’s PET International Airport, the Air Canada base comprises more than 10 distinct buildings, occupying well over a million square feet. Over the past 20 years we have assisted Air Canada with projects including new buildings to house specialized equipment, renovations to aircraft maintenance shops, airport control rooms, new elevators and offices for engineers and administrative personnel – all of these involved with the running of a major international airline.


BaseIn 2010, Aveos (formerly Air Canada Technical Services or ACTS) engaged GRS Architecture’s services for the relocation of many of their test rigs and maintenance shops to a new off-site facility in Ville St-Laurent, Québec. This relocation has liberated hundreds of thousands of square feet at the existing base, much of it in buildings dating back to the 1950s and 1960s.

Since 2010, our work with Air Canada has focused on upgrades to these existing buildings, bringing them up to code and adding amenities for occupation by a new wave of information workers. Projects have included various new office spaces, a new technical records centre (in space previously occupied by ACTS shops), a new passenger elevator, a new call centre with cafeteria & locker facilities, new washrooms, new training rooms and a new mail handling facility.

B5 Call Centre

B7 Call Centre

Tech Rec

We have also assisted with a long term project to upgrade the offices & workstations, conference rooms and other facilities in the base Headquarters building. Spanning 5 floors and close to 100,000 ft² of space, this work has involved a systematic juggling of spaces, moving occupants out of existing offices into temporary locations, renovating spaces, and then moving employees back to their new and improved premises.

HQ Renovations

Architectural Drawings (pdf)

Partial project list:

Building 7 Code Compliance Study,  B7 New Training Centre,  B7 Mail Room Relocation, B7 Technical Records, B7 Special Assistance Centre, Building 7 Elevator, YUL STOC Control Room Renovations, Building 7 Call Centre (with cafeteria, offices, conference rooms & washrooms, training rooms), Building 5 Call Centre (with offices conference rooms & washrooms, training rooms), Building 6 Cafeteria Renovations (Tim Horton’s), YUL In-Flight/Flight Ops Renovations Ph. 2, Building 2 (HQ) Renovation Program, B4 Internal Audit Offices Relocation, B7 New Seat Shop,  YUL Domestic Departures Terminal Renovations, Air Canada Cargo Fit-Up at Aeroterm North, B2 Corporate Security Offices, YUL New Ticket Counter, Building 1 Test Cell no. 1 renovations, B7 Pneumatics High Pressure Rig, B7 Hydraulics Shop,  New EMC Grinder Building, YUL New Ticket Kiosks Phase 1-5, B7 Components Repair Center, B7 Purchasing Group Offices, B4 Computer Room, Commissary Building – Cabin Services, B7 Sheet Metal Shop, B7 Personnel Offices,  B5 Aeronautical Services, B7 Landing Gear Shop, B7 Fuel Shop, B7 New Exit Corridor, B7 Fuel Tank Apron, B1 New Elevator & 2nd Floor Offices, B2 (HQ) Cafeteria Expansion, YUL ADM 4th Floor In Flight / Flight Ops,  B1 Technical Records Mezzanine, B7 Pneumatic Utility Shop, B7  Upholstery  Shop, B7  Battery Charging Shop, Base Accessibility Program, YUL Domestic Passenger Terminal Renovations,  Certification Archives, B7 Print Shop, B7 Pneumatics Shop, Base Security Upgrades, B1 Plasma Booths,  Hangar 2 Office,  Personnel Offices, Commissary Building Renovations, Base Computer Room, YUL  Baggage Office, YUL Domestic Terminal Gate 33 Ready Room & Gate 40 Waiting Area, B7 Composites Shop, B7 New Compressed Gas Shop, Mirabel International Airport AC Cargo Renovations, Ottawa International Airport AC Cargo Renovations